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The Collection

In this blog we want to collect all information that are needed to develop a real search engine from scratch!

So we need your help, if you want to contribute you are welcome. You can get co-author, comment the posts, write an article, send some PHP code that solve a special problem. You will get all the honor and a backlink if you like and all the source code to have your own crawler based search engine that works a little bit like google 😉

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Please Contribute

So what you are waiting for? Get in touch right now and write an eMail! Let us discuss what can be your part in this tiny little project.

The Topics

This are the categories that we need in this blog:

  • Know-how (General information)
  • Crawler (Roboter, Spider, Indexer, Bot)
  • Parser (Tokeniser)
  • Index (Reverse-Index)
  • Storage (Database vs. Filesystem)
  • Search (and Frontend-Features)
  • Backend (the Admin-Features)
  • Links (for reading recommendations)

You miss something?

Please leave a message with the comment function at the end of the page and i will look like this 😀

About the author


I would like to introduce myself, my nickname is vanGato, I was born in Germany and have many years of experience in the IT- and new-media industry. In this blog I write about how search engines work, facts, ideas, code experiments, and the possibility to develop a simple search engine from scratch that can handle a few million entries at an acceptable speed.

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