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PHP dynamic Favicon Script


What is a dynamic Counter Favicon you will ask? No, you already know! We all have already seen the small icon in the Browser Tab called Favicon. But if you want to read more about this tiny little thing, take a look at the Favicon-Cheat-Sheet on GitHub Page from Audrey Roy Greenfeld. But today i want to direct your attention to an other topic. Dynamic content in such an favicon. This can be used...

Build a search engine in just 3 days


Data is a fairly new resource, which gets more important every day. BigData is a common and important keyword for every company that develops and is trying to success over its competitors. The company that can use its data best may win this competition. For this you need software – to collect, to store, to provide and to analyse data. A search engine is a key tool to get the needed data...

Build your own Search Engine


The Collection In this blog we want to collect all information that are needed to develop a real search engine from scratch! So we need your help, if you want to contribute you are welcome. You can get co-author, comment the posts, write an article, send some PHP code that solve a special problem. You will get all the honor and a backlink if you like and all the source code to have your own...

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